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How Spirit Books are Made

  • We meet and assess the stress and/or need.
  • We set a goal, make a plan and address the cost.
  • You can bring your photos, quotes, images that are important to you or for someone you are gifting the book to. They are placed within the book’s art work.

With a MA in Conflict Resolution, BA in Drama Therapy, and AAS in Human Services artist and author Grace Growing Medicine E. Reed presents her 30+ years of experience to clients using various stress management, traditional healing and life coaching tools practiced both in Europe and US.

The Spirit Books are designed to add positivity to your life. The books can be used for stress management, gifts for others, or just for fun. Grace is a broadcaster for her Disability Awareness show on KBOO.fm


The costs of sessions vary depending on the degree of need. Sliding scale and useable energy exchanges also considered.

Session Time

Session time is flexible and can be given in various places. We can use Skype, telephone/and E-mail after the first face to face.
I can meet on the PSU campus (as an Alumni), at various coffee shops, at your office space, community space, at the park, and at my studio when appropriate.

All meeting spaces have to be handicapped accessible.

Schedule a Session

  • To book a session call 503-484-6672
  • E-mail: grace_eagle [at] hotmail[dot]com
  • E-mail: uafpsu [at] yahoo [dot] com
  • Skype: negotiatingshadows
Spirit Book Art 2


“I invite you to consider this process with Grace. Her books are more that just another thing. This is actually my second time with her doing this. I was so in awe the last time I wanted to to do it again. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you.”

“I had Grace create a spirit book for my wedding anniversary; brought my husband to tears.
These are beautiful, personal and moving.”

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